Monday, September 14, 2015

Eng 9: Inspiration Shelves, Personal Symbols, Blogs and Vocab

Inspiration Shelf & Personal Symbols.

We'll start the day by looking at the Inspiration Shelf.  Your goal?  To figure me out.  You'll complete a Notice/Wish/Wonder tool for three different items, in an effort to answer these two questions:

Why might these items be on this shelf and what might they tell us about Mr. Ryder?

Then you'll repeat the same with the artifacts you brought from home.  We will look at each others' collections and try to determine what they tell us about that person and why those items were

Then we'll take pictures of items that interested us most and post them to our blogs as our first blog posts.
Vocab: Roots 1.
We will start our very first work with vocabulary.  We'll be learning Greek and Latin roots this year; this will help you learn so many more words than just learning a list of vocab words from a story we read.

We will set up our blogs and I will explain your first creative blog prompt: 5 Card Flickr.

Show the Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts.
Creative Blog Prompt.  5 Card Flickr & Problem Story.
Create a 5 Card Flickr that tells the story of a problem being solved.
Post your images and write out the story on your blog.
Due. Friday. Sept. 18.

Study.  Roots Quiz 1.
Due. Thursday, Sept 24.

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