Monday, September 14, 2015

Humanities 2BG: Oreo Challenge & Blogs

Today, you we set up our blogs on Blogger.


Blogging Rubric 2015.
You will be keeping a blog throughout the year on Blogger using your school Gmail account. I've embedded and linked the rubric for blogging here.
What content should you include?  Each week you can expect a creative challenge related to our current focus.  The other two-plus entries may come from day to day work you are doing for class, from creative expression, from general reflections.  Show your thinking.  Provide evidence of your knowing.  That's the goal.

After the first week, you should be looking to connect to at least one other thinker in the Humanities ranks, linking to an idea that inspires you to respond. There are several intentions to the blog:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the readings, viewings, and listenings from class.
  • Connect and reflect upon one another's ideas.
  • Reach beyond the walls of our classroom to share our thinking and benefit from other perspectives.
  • Create a record of learning, illustrating your growth over the space of your year.
    Design Challenge: HMW Oreo?
    You had twenty to minutes to work with a partner, two partners, or solo, use any space on campus, any materials in the room, as you tackled the following design challenge: How might we advertise Humanities with an Oreo?
    Post your results on your blog and I will post links and share out the greatness.  
    Show the Learning.
      Blog. 3+ Posts.
        Due. Friday, 9.18.15
      Study.  Roots List #1
      Quiz. Thursday, 9.24.15

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