Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eng 9: Suiting Up for Cardboard Challenge: Day Two: Discovery Phase

Dream Time.

We'll start today with Dream Time to get our brains opened up.  Expect doodling . 10 min.

Then it will be a dive into Roots 1 and a mashup game we call "Frankenword."  Remember there is a quiz on Friday.   I'll also show you how your "Frankenwords" could be used to create more evidence of your vocab understanding.  (10 min.)

Cardboard Challenge Day Two: Discover Phase.

We'll start  with three stations.  You'll need to spend time at each generating ideas on Post-Its.  (15 min.)  

Station 1.  Problems Worth Solving (personal, school, local, statewide, nationwide, worldwide)

Station 2.  Joys Worth Bringing (What makes you smile, laugh, happy cry?  What about others?)

Station 3.  Passions Worth Sharing (Your interests, likes and loves as well as those of others)

Then we'll divide into three groups to sort the Post-Its into trends, identify interesting outliers, and see how this will help us with our Cardboard Challenge work. (10 min.)

Suit Up.  Who will you be working with during the Cardboard Challenge?  You may work in groups of one, two, or three.

At this point, there should be enough time left in class to blog about your work today, post to your blog, and turn in your playlists.  On Friday, we'll start with a quick 2x2 grid activity.   This will help us determine ideas for our cardboard challenges.  And you'll have the rest of class to experiment with the maker cart materials to create prototypes of what will become your cardboard challenge.  (Next week -- you'll have Tuesday and Thursday to build, document and blog.

Show Your Learning.

Blog: 3+ Posts 
Creative Blog Post. #ShowYourWork on Your Global Cardboard Challenge design.
Sketches. Doodles. Maps.  Lists. Ideas.  Mini Makes. (Manila folder challenges) 
Due. Friday. 10.2.15 

Study. Roots Quiz #1  FRIDAY. (We should have taken this last week.)
Use the Quizlet to Help You Study.
Know the Root & What It Means.
Other Evidence of Learning:  In addition to the taking the quiz, you may want to create a roots product that demonstrates your understanding of the roots and what they mean.  Some of us struggle with quizzes as a way of proving we know something, but if we get a chance to use our knowledge, we knock it out of the park.  Consider writing a story, a set of instructions, making a video, recording a podcast, building something on Minecraft or in LEGO, recording a song, drawing a comic strip, or some other way of showing me that you know those roots and what they mean in a way that shows you truly understand. 
Due.  Friday. 10.2.15 

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