Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eng 9. Playlist for Other Rubric and How to Post Your Links on Blog Tracker.

Hi folks,

I thought this rubric was shared with you on a previous post and it was not.  I'm apologizing for that now.  It is the same criteria as what we put up on the whiteboard in the room -- it is just more descriptive and provides more feedback.

Reminder, part of the project was to create a piece of "cover art" for your partner's playlist.

Turning in Your Blogs.

Here's a brief video to help you turn in your blog posts properly on the blog tracker.  I take you step by step.  By Friday, you should have nine posts up, including your Playlist for Others, ideas/designs/process for your Cardboard Challenge, and a 5 Card Flickr that tells the story of solving a problem.  (These have all been described in earlier posts.)

What else could you blog about?  Here are some ideas:

  • Oreo Challenge. Manilla Folder Challenge.  Lego Challenge.
  • Any and all of the graphic organizers so far with an explanation explaining what it is and your thinking.
  • Any draft or planning or sketchnoting or doodling so far with an explanation of your thinking.
  • Your Thirty Circles.
  • Poetry.  Creative Writing. Reflections. Things You are Seeing that Make You Think. 
  • Comments and Critiques and Dialogues
  • Videos That You Want to Talk About.
  • Music That You Want to Talk About.
  • Memes That Make You Think and Laugh And Think.
  • Articles That Make You Think.
  • Post-Its and sorts with explanations.  
  • Anything at all that shows your thinking.  Any of the work you do for class that shows your thinking.  

Here are a couple of links to sample blog posts you could use as guides.  These show you the sort of thinking and explanations that should be included.  These are not perfect posts -- these are good examples to help you see what meets the standard for thinking and content.

Also, here's a video showing some of our problem sorting thinking from class today.  Really cool work today everyone.

Show Your Learning.

Blog: 3+ Posts 
Creative Blog Post. #ShowYourWork on Your Global Cardboard Challenge design.
Sketches. Doodles. Maps.  Lists. Ideas.  Mini Makes. (Manila folder challenges) 
Due. Friday. 10.2.15 

Study. Roots Quiz #1  FRIDAY. (We should have taken this last week.)
Use the Quizlet to Help You Study.
Know the Root & What It Means.
Other Evidence of Learning:  In addition to the taking the quiz, you may want to create a roots product that demonstrates your understanding of the roots and what they mean.  Some of us struggle with quizzes as a way of proving we know something, but if we get a chance to use our knowledge, we knock it out of the park.  Consider writing a story, a set of instructions, making a video, recording a podcast, building something on Minecraft or in LEGO, recording a song, drawing a comic strip, or some other way of showing me that you know those roots and what they mean in a way that shows you truly understand. 
Due.  Friday. 10.2.15 

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