Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Humanities 2BG: Shelves of Inspiration and Artifacts

In today's class, we opened with a quick review of names and attendance.  (I think Mr. Brackett and I performed admirably, if I do say so myself.)

The focus of our day was a discovery of the inspiration shelf in the back of the room.  Mr. Brackett and I have populated the shelf with items that inspire us as thinkers, creators, makers, teachers, people, problem solvers.  Each item is there for a reason.

We distributed a graphic organizer (Notice/Wish/Wonder) to help you explore and uncover the meaning behind those objects.

After being given time to complete the organizers, Mr. Brackett explained the cuneiform artifact and I explained both the Superman lunchbox and the Stanford d.School bookmark.

We ended with some quick takeaways on the day, etched on sticky notes and plopped in the front of the room.

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