Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pop Culture 3B: HMW LEGO Pop Culture?

We opened our first day of class with a request for design kits.

And then we wasted no time answering the question: How Might We LEGO Pop Culture?

We took about half an hour to explore possibilities of both literal and representational ways of showing our current understanding of pop culture, even before a single lesson occurs.  

It was a fantastic display of creativity, observation, commentary and critical thinking.

And some video with commentary and explanation.

We ended the day with a debrief on the nature of pop culture -- the importance of the now -- and how pop culture is forever evolving and changing, building upon the past by recollecting it and growing into the future .  We did this by way of Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo, the Gutenberg press and MTV's The Real World and a handful of other examples.

Big thanks to Mr. Tierney for the LEGO inspiration.

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