Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pop Culture 3B: Country v Hip-Hop, Music & Politics

Today you will be rotating through two experiences to explore the presence of politics in music as well as the relationship between country music and hip-hop.

Most of the resources you need are here on this blog post and there will be tools at each station to help you better build your understanding.

Here are the two key playlists.  The graphic organizers you need are here and here.

Country vs. Hip-Hop

Music and Politics

Show Your Learning.

Music Culture Project Rubric.  
Project Due. Wednesday.  Oct. 7th.

Blog. 3+ Posts.
Due. Friday. 10.2.15.
Pinterest.  1 Post.
Due.  Friday. 10.2.15.
Here are three options for creative blog posts for the week:

1. Musical Roots.  Choose a band or artist and create a map of that band's musical influences back at least three layers deep.  Explain your thinking and post links/embed content that shows evidence of your thinking.  Use our work from last week and today to inform this. 

2. Create a Beat for the News.  Use, Garage Band or another beat generator to create a beat to be played while a news story (from this week) is being viewed, heard, or read.  Post the link to the news story, embed/link to the beats, and explain your thinking.

3. Musical Color Palette.  Use to create a color palette for your musical tastes.  Name each color and explain its association to the music to which you connect.  For example, I might create an off-white color & call it "Middle School Hip-Hop Mindset" when the depth of my hip-hop knowledge went to Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice (yup), and 3rd Bass with a little Fresh Prince and Rob Base on top of that. 

Any of the the above could be expanded upon and further developed into your Musical Culture project due next week.  Consider this a way to build a first iteration or prototype for your finished project due next Wednesday, Oct. 7.

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