Sunday, October 18, 2015

AP Lit: Prufrock Remixes, Process, Woolf, and More

This week will feature more Prose 15 on Monday and Tuesday.  I've been enjoying our digging into Jane Eyre and "The Things They Carried."  I'm going to find a shorter excerpt, however, for Monday and Tuesday.  It is taking us almost as long to read it as it is to think about it.  Hopefully this next, from one Virginia Woolf, will allow us more space to discuss.

Then we will examine the results of last week's remixes and map and chart how our thinking is evolving and growing.  Our goal in this?  To become more and more keenly aware of both our creative and analytical processes.  In fact, that would make for a remarkably good third blog post for this week.

Your creative and analytical processes, as you see them now.   Monday and Tuesday in class will give you an opportunity to discuss.  Wednesday and Thursday classes will give you an opportunity to put them in practice as I'm giving you folks the all-too-uncommon-in-AP-land time to work.

There will be expectations for documenting your work on those days.  

Then Friday's class will begin our transition into Cunningham's The Hours and our move into less holistic, more precision focused literary analysis.   We'll be using The Hours to explore the relationship between character, point of view and plot and uncovering Cunningham's design.

Of course, as I type this, I'm thinking we may start delving into Joyce's Dubliners instead.   Hrmm . . . well!  We'll just have to see what Friday brings, won't we?  In that case we'd be looking at the relationship between character and setting and point of view.  See a trend emerging?

If you have a preference?  Holler!  Let's customize as much as we can.

Show Your Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts.
(Last Week of Blogging for the Quarter)
Req'd Critical Creativity.  Finished Prufrockian Remix.
After having read & re-read the poem, sketchnoted & remixed the poem, design an original Prufrockian remix that employs Eliot's poetic device strategy and sensibility while offering something new.
Due. Friday. 10.23.15

Close Read.   Eliot Academic Articles.
Close read these articles then choose two to annotate and/or sketchnote.
Then discuss the extent to which the articles' content informs your understanding of Prufrock and any influence it may have on your remix design.
Blog your work.
Due. Friday. 10.23.15

Revisions.  Synthesis Essays.
Due. ASAP.  Final day for Revisions.  10.27.15.

Indie Book Projects.
Read & Design.  Due 11.4& 5.

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