Friday, November 6, 2015

AP Lit: Dubliners & Frankliners, Where We've Been, Where We're Going


A very cool week and a very nutty week all at the same time.  Lots and lots of goings on of all different sorts.

We explored Dubliners via Literary 3x3s and crafting thesis statements.  We are doing much more deliberate work around thesis statements next week alongside our work with our Frankliners project that begins in earnest next week as well.  We will be balancing the analytical and the creative, the prose and the verse.

We've also given blogging an overhaul with revised expectations, a new rubric, and I think a much better all around experience for you folks.  To be clear: these changes are not because I'm disappointed in the work you've done on your blogs.  Quite to the contrary, I LOVE reading your work.  There have been several outstanding, highest of quality posts this fall already.  And there are more to come.

No, this change is to put emphasis on that quality and less on quantity.

Now, this week was paved with other good intentions of mine.  Let's try to rectify this now that we are at Friday.   Though I said in class, I never posted here, so now here it is:

This week Indie Book Projects are due.  (Thursday and Friday.)  As they come in, I'd love for people to share them.  It won't be a graded presentation, but a way to honor the thinking and creating and to also help us collectively experience the texts you are choosing.  

Also this week was a How to Read Lit Like a Prof Week.  We're a little behind in that regards, so we'll be doing two in a row here.  This week and next will both be How to Read Lit Like a Prof Weeks.   This week?  "Geography Matters." 

Next week?  "So Does Season."

For next class, and this is just stupid degrees of important, read Joyce's "The Dead", the last story in Dubliners.  We will see how well that one story functions as the end result of the others we have read, to see if the circuit holds true, to see if folk tales continue, to see if that one word (ssshhhh still a secret until end of the day on Friday)

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