Monday, November 9, 2015

Eng 9: Tiny House: DISCOVERY Phase continues: Of Mice and Men

Tiny House Design Challenge:  DISCOVERY Phase

Today we continued reading Of Mice & Men as we are learning more and more about our tiny house users, Lennie & George.


I read aloud from page 30 to 44.

We used sketchnoting to identify key ideas and observations from this chunk of the text, doodling and noting and including the page numbers to point to the moment in the text that inspired the doodle.  On Thursday we will read a very healthy portion of the book -- about 20 pages.

We'll use sketchnoting again, but each of us with a particular focus.


We also have a quiz on Roots 1-4 on Thursday.   Remember, you can also make a roots-based word product (story, song, rap, game, poem, instruction manual, video, animation, comic, sketchnote, etc.) to demonstrate your understanding.  


The last thing we did today was focus on creating posts for our blogs and using the new blog tracker.

Each week you will have optional creative challenges that can help you to meet those standards. This week is to create a soundtrack for the men living in the bunkhouse from Of Mice & Men.

You can also start your own passion/interest driven blog and use your posts there to count toward meeting your standards.  Say you really love working with animals or creating art or rebuilding engines.  Blog about it.  Put it in the blog tracker.  Boom.

After writing your post, you will need to choose which standards to count it toward and also self-assess the extent to which you met those standards.   You have the new blogging rubric and the blogging anchor pack to help you with that self-assessment.


Post(s) Due Friday.  11.13.15
Post & Self-Assess on the Blog Tracker.

Study.  Roots Quiz 4 (1-4)
Quiz.  Thursday 11.12.15

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