Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pop Culture: Phrankenomenon Design Challenge: Day Two & Reflections

First, we will create Google Drive Pop Culture In Folders.

a.  Create a folder in Google Drive.
b.  Title It:  [Your name] Pop Culture Fall 2015 IN
c.   Share it with me and make me someone who can EDIT your Inbox.

From now on, including any materials for your Film Culture project, you will put anything you are turning in for class in this folder.  Remember that Pages documents still need to be exported as PDFs or copy and pasted into Google Docs.

Today your team of one, two, or three members will need to complete the Experiment and Production phases of your Phrankenomenon design challenge.

EXPERIMENT Phase.  Remix and mashup various features of other phenomena in order to create an original idea you believe capable of having the same degree of cultural impact.  

Demonstrate your ideas through a slide deck, sketchnote, video or Prezi.  This will make for excellent blog materail.

PRODUCTION Phase.  After sharing your ideas, we will conduct feedback rounds using the 4 Corners feedback form.


Critical Creativity Challenge: Phrankenomenon.
1+ Posts Due 11.20.15

And then you have three mandatory questions to answer.  You may want to blog them as evidence there or you may choose to submit them in your Pop Culture IN folder.  The extent to which you answer these questions will appear as a Media assessment in PowerSchool.

Question 1.  After seeing the various phrankenomena developed in class, what characteristics seem to surface most frequently?  Why do you think this is the case?

Question 2.  Based on your understanding of pop culture phenomena, which of the phrankenomena developed in class do you believe would have the great chance of becoming a real success story?  What understandings of the world around you lead you this conclusion?

Question 3.  How might understanding the features and characteristics of what makes a cultural phenomenon help you be successful in one of your possible future career paths?  How might you apply that knowledge to solve problems and achieve goals?  Be specific in your thinking.

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