Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eng 9: Showing Not Telling, No Red Ink & Conferences

Hi folks,

We'll start class with a quick "show not tell" mini-lesson.

We'll be using this photo from this snowmobiling discussion board.

Then you'll have time to start the No Red Ink Commonly Confused Words 1 Practice 1 assignment.  This is due by next class.

After about 15 minutes on that, you'll be working on blog prompts and projects.  During that time I'll be conferencing with every group/person I can to get project feedback to you.

We're going to tackle one more roots list before the quarter is out as well.  We'll start on Roots List 7 on Friday.


Blog.  6 Posts.  
DUE ASAP.  Revisable if Complete by Jan 15.

Revisable if Complete by Jan 8.

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