Monday, January 4, 2016

Eng 9: What Now?

Welcome back from break everyone.

Today, we were supposed to start a new essay.   Instead, we are going to hold off on that for a week or so and focus on completing the work you've already been assigned and demonstrating the standards we've been digging into this quarter.

Let's start with  We'll be using this to help with our MUGS.

Then we'll do a little detail workshop on SHOW vs. TELL to help you with your blog posts and the DETAILS part of the WRITING standards.  We're going to do a different workshop each class for the next two weeks to help you folks get your blog posts just foolishly awesome.

I will also be visiting with each group and completing the assessment of your Tiny House projects.  You have time to revise those between now and the end of the quarter (Jan 22.)

The RESEARCH standard on that one has proven tricky.  We aren't going to give up on it.  Instead, once we get past this week or so, we are going to dive into WHY it is so darn hard to get that information and see if we can get the answers we want.

What I want most for you folks to have a tremendously successful collection of work from Q2 that shows all of the thinking you've been doing, all of the designing, all of the insightful commentaries you've made, all of the sketchnoting.  It all deserves to be captured and explained and shared.

We need a system for keeping track of this work, however.  Daily logging of goals and accomplishments, screenshots and pics and some accountability for all of us here in the room.


Blog.  6 Posts.  
DUE ASAP.  Revisable if Complete by Jan 15.

Revisable if Complete by Jan 8.

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