Friday, January 29, 2016

Humanities: To Kill a Mockingbird Begins . . .

We're watching To Kill a Mockingbird today, building on the work we started yesterday with the opening credits, foreshadowing and symbolism.  We'll also do some work toward our person, place or object of significance personal essay by . . .

Creating Six Word Memoirs!
Visit Smith Magazine and their teen Six Word Memoir section.
Then write a six word memoir for yourself about where you are at right here, right now.
Then write a six word memoir about one of your places, people or objects of significance.

This will help you tune your brain.

Then it's time to start To Kill a Mockingbird Film Study! (WOOOOOOOT!)

We'll watch and then start completing a new graphic organizer.  It's available on Google Classroom as an assignment.

Req'd Post.
Blog prompt.  TKAM Foreshadowing How might the objects in the opening credits of To Kill a Mockingbird  foreshadow what is going to happen in this film?  What have you experienced in your life through other reading, watching, or just plain living, that leads you to this? Use your thinking on your graphic organizer to help shape your thinking.
Due.  Monday Feb 1.

Practice.  No Red Ink.
Make Sure You've Completed the Pre-Assessment on Sentence Fragments.  

Roots 6-8.
Quiz.  Thursday.  Feb 4.

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