Monday, February 1, 2016

Humanities: LNG and To Kill a Mockingbird

Today we'll start off with an LNG.  Our goal with these are to provide faster, more useful feedback -- just like the blog.  We've got a plan on the teacher side of things to make this happen.

We need you to create great content for us to look at and comment upon.

Here are the links you will find on Google Classroom along with our LNG form.
Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

From here we will dig further into our To a Mockingbird film study.  We'll have a nice chunk of time to progress into the story and per your feedback, we'll watch the whole film before focusing on the analysis.  We'll take in the story.

We'll end class with some work on our Person, Place, Object of Significance essay pre-writing.  What are stories you have of that person, place or object of significance in your life?  It might be an actual experience you had or it may be an experience you know was influenced by the person, place or object.  Our goal here is to capture our memories quickly.

And we'll sketchnoting to do it.

LNG. Voting Rights.
Due. Tuesday. Feb 2.

Roots Quiz. 6-8.
Due. Thursday.  Feb 4.

Three Req'd Posts Due Last Week.
Check the Q3 Blog Tracker.
Expect 2 Req'd Posts This Week.

Person/Place/Object of Significance Essay.
Coming up.  Get ready.

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