Monday, February 29, 2016

Eng 9: Speak and Little Bits

We started today with more improv.  Last week we played symphony.  Today we played machine.  We end up creating a pretty disturbing little device, but hey!  Why not?

Then we busted out the Little Bits and experimented with what we might make with them.

Next class we will get much more intentional with the Little Bits.  We will be running a design sprint to invent devices that could help Melinda, Mr. Freeman, Heather or another character in Speak.  

After working with Little Bits we focused on completing empathy maps based on the characters in Speak.  Choose Melinda, Mr. Freeman, Heather or a character of your choice.  Identify what the character says and does by providing text evidence -- be certain to include page numbers.   On the right hand side of the empathy map, connect what that character says and does to what you believe the character thinks and feels.  The goal is to try and get into that character's point of view.

Turn your empathy map into a blog post.

For next class, please read through page 85


Explain your thinking.
Due. Wednesday, March 2nd.

Read.  Speak.  Up to Page 85.
Due. Wednesday, March 2nd.

Study.  Roots 6-9 Quiz.
Due. Friday, March 4th.

Get ready for No Red Ink to return at the end of the week and during next.

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