Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pop Culture: Blog Tracker Tutorial & More Info About Class and Things!

Here's a tutorial to help you post your blogs to the blog tracker. 

Blog. Design a Band.  Complete that design work.

Here is the 2nd blogging assignment listed on the design-a-band post.  (In case you missed it!)
6. In a separate blog post, choose an artist or band you enjoy.  Select an album by that performer. Explore the relationship between the artist's name, the album's name, and the cover art for that album.  To what extent do they align?  Where do you see a clear relationship between the visuals and the music?  Where do you see it not working out?  What about the band's logo or the font used on the album cover?
One to two descriptive paragraphs with visuals to illustrate.
Extra helpful?  Embed some Vimeo links or Spotify links or other ways of proving your point through the music.
You might get some inspiration for your album covers here

10 Iconic Album Covers (Yahoo) Here

99 Well Designed Album Covers (Inspiredology) Here

21 Great Albums with Not So Great Art (AV Club) Here

Due.  ASAP.

Submit. Blogging Standards Evidence 1.
Due. Friday, March 4

Soundtrack of Your Life.
Written rationales, collection (6+ songs), and podcast.
Begin Planning. More information on this coming, Monday.
Due. Friday, March 11.

Social Media Network Design Challenge.
Revise.  Submit.  Self-Assessments.  Get Them In.

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