Thursday, February 4, 2016

Humanities: Stations and To Kill a Mockingbird

Here are the stations we are working during To Kill a Mockingbird week.

Station 1.  No Red Ink. Sentence Fragments.  Quiz coming next week.

Station 2.  Roots 6-8.  Quizlet.  Quiz coming on Friday.  Should've been today.

Station 3.  P/P/O Personal Narrative Essay story map.

Station 4.  P/P/O Personal Narrative essay Storyboard.

Station 5.  LNG/Blog/Graphic Organizers.

We've spent most of our class time this week watching the film.  This way we can invest a great deal of time next week into unpacking and uncovering the film.  Big, big thinking ahead.


Blog Post.
Req'd Post.  P/P/O Pre-Writing.
Post on your blog your story map and your storyboard, explaining your thinking and where you are headed with your essay as well -- either through video, audio, or written commentary.
Due.  Friday, Feb 5.

Compose.  P/P/O Personal Narrative Essay.
Working draft. (Beginning, middle and end. 
Due. Monday.

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