Monday, April 25, 2016

AP Lit: 3 Critical Creativity Pre-Test Blog Prompts

Week and a half to the test . . .

Use these prompts to get your brain tuned for what is coming next Wednesday.

Poetry the Watchmen.

Design a poem -- or collection of poetry --  that effectively uses 12 of these poetic devices/structures/formats to demonstrate your understanding of the themes evident in Moore & Gibbons' Watchmen.  Why 12?  Come now . . . do I really have to explain that part?

Due: Wednesday/Thursday, April 27/28

Pitch the Lit

Mash-up and remix the literature we have read this year into a 3 minute elevator pitch to a book publisher for the ultimate get-the-kids-ready-for-the-AP-Lit novel, poem or play.  Write out your pitch, then video or audio record your pitch and post on your blog.  Create a time stamp play-by-play ala Upworthy to signal when you are referencing which texts from the year.  You may draw from your indie books as well.

You might get inspired by Reduced Shakespeare Company

Due: Friday/Monday, April 29/May 2

Literary 3x3: All of It.

Create a Literary 3x3 that captures the year's texts in review.  9 words.  3 sentences.  Play with them.  See what happens when you remix your own.  We'll be using these in class on Monday and Tuesday as prep for the test so please bring them.

Due Monday/Tuesday May 2/3

Also, bring a literary 3x3 of Watchmen.  We'll be putting that to use as well.

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