Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pop Culture: Game Something That Matters & Pitches

The last element in our Video Games That Matter design challenge is the pitch.

Next Monday, you will deliver a three-minute pitch of your game design, convincing your potential investors -- the rest of the class -- to invest in your idea.  

Today we watched a couple of clips from ABC's Shark Tank on Hulu.  The show features entrepreneurs seeking big money investors in their ideas.  You will be doing the same thing.  Here are few more pitches to watch and study.  Notice their approach and attitude, their preparation, the materials they bring, and how that affects the sharks' offers.  

You can also learn more about pitching from these resources.  (Some links may be broken.)
Prepare a 3-minute pitch for Monday and be certain you include the following visuals and information as part of your pitch.

HMW design a game that addresses a problem that matters, entertains people and requires higher order critical thinking?

You will be pitching your ideas to the rest of the class as though they were venture capital investors looking to fund a new video game studio.

You must include the following in the pitch:

Game Title.

Concept Behind the Game.

Storyline of the Game.

Visual Examples of Game Screens (At Least 3)

Evidence That It Is About Something That Matters.

Evidence That the Game Requires Higher Order Cognition.

Logo for the Game.

Take It to the Next Level by Potentially Creating Rough Game Play in an Actual Game Design

We didn't get an opportunity today to talk about the new look of blogging for Q4. I was deliberately holding off until we got closer to the end of the video game design challenge. Rather than answering blog prompts each night, you are doing to design your own branded blog around an interest, topic, or passion of yours and develop it into a regularly updated web presence with original content, intentional design, and features to attract a readership. It may choose to create a vlog or podcast as part of your design; you may choose to include a great deal of visuals. You may choose to link to other information with your own take.

It must feature your own voice, ideas or opinions in either writing or spoken word. It must be about something of interest to you. And it must be updated on the calendar to be announced.

In the meantime, your first blog post for Q4 is one of discovery. Brainstorm a list of possible topics for your blog and find two blogs that you could use for inspiration for you own -- whether it be for the content or for the design. Find them. Link to them. Take screen shots. Explain your thinking.
Due Thursday, April 28. (There will be time in class to do this work right at the beginning of class -- 8 to 8:20; the final hour will be for preparing your video game design.)

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