Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Humanities: Learning to Love You More & Wicked Focus

Today we took a brief pause in Out of Nowhere to introduce Learning to Love You More, our ongoing design challenge for the month of May that will incorporate our work with Out of Nowhere and human rights, reinventing our blogging, and outsider art -- all ideas we intended to tackle anyway.


Learning to Love You More started as an ambitious art project by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.  During the mid-2000s it took off as something of a social art movement in days before Instagram and Snapchat and when Tumblr and Twitter were just getting started.

Mr. Brackett and I still need to decide exactly which assignments we'll be using as part of the study of Out of Nowhere and which will be part of your personal portfolio, but you can expect to complete at least three a week.  For this first one, pick any of the 70 assignments and complete it for your blog post for Thursday.

Yes, some of these are incredibly easy and simple to "complete."  But remember, we've spent a tremendous amount of working on being intentional, making things that matter, challenging ourselves to make new iterations and revisions of our work.  If your goal is to take the easiest route, you will find this a fairly worthless endeavor -- it will feel like you wasted your time, it will make you ask what's the point, you will want to hide your work and share it with no one, you will likely be annoyed daily for the next month.

Or . . . you can do as Mr. Muise suggests we all do and refuse to be afraid to be awesome.  Be awesome.  Make something awesome.


Roots 12.  Quiz next Thursday, May 5.  CRUSH it. Hard.


Today we made some huge strides in turning our fidget project into a classroom based business, a true example of social entrepreneurship and starting something that matters.

We have a lot of work to do between now and Friday, and especially between now and Friday, May 6, my imposed deadline to have the website up and ready for business.  We can do this.  Especially with a team like this:
Tyler: Marketing Director
Leahannah: Business Manager
Amelia: Human Resources Manager
Zach: Production Manager

Plus the rest of Wicked Focus which is currently the two Lilly's,  Dawson B. and Mo, but is open to anyone who would like to be involved.  These are your designs going to market.  I encourage you all to be part of this.


Blog.  Choose any LTLYM assignment.  Post it on  your blog.  Put a link to it on Google Classroom in the appropriate assignment.  There will be a new blog tracker soon.
Due.  Thursday.  April 28.

Vocab. Roots 12.
Quiz.  Thursday.  May 5.

Wicked Focus.
Due. Thursday.  May 5.
Due. Thursday. May 5.
Production Workflow.
Due.  Thursday. May 5.
Google+ and Communication Plan.
Due. Friday.  April 29.
Story of Us.
Due. Friday. April 29.
We'll be meeting daily for the next two weeks to get us to launch.

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