Monday, September 12, 2016

Eng 9 2B & 4B: Suit Up, 30 Circles & Oreo Challenges

Suit Up.
We started today with Suit Up, an opportunity to learn about one another's super powers (strengths) and kryptonite (weaknesses).  We completed charts about the people sitting in our table groups.

30 Circles.
We then tried out designer Bob McKim's 30 Circles exercise.  Two minutes.  Transform thirty circles as many ways as you can.   Here are some of the results.

Oreo Challenge.
We synthesized the thinking from Suit Up and 30 Circles into our Oreo Challenge: How might we represent our superpowers or kryptonite with an Oreo cookie?   Twenty minutes later we had a whole slew of answers.

Guidelines & Expectations.
We ended class with a review of our Guidelines & Expectations posted here below.

There's a signature page that accompanied these as well.  Please get it filled out and returned to me  by next Monday.

I will not be here next class.  There will be a sub who will have your work for you.   If my plans line up like they should, and you take advantage of the time in class, you should not have any out of class work this week or this weekend.  

And next week?  Oh . . . next week . . . 

Out of Class Work.
Guidelines & Expectations sheet completed.
Monday. 9.19.16.

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