Monday, September 12, 2016

Pop Culture 1B: Pop 3's, Thirty Circles & Oreo Challenges

Pop 3's.
We started today with Pop 3's:  List three films, artists/bands, apps, shows and games that you love.  We then circulated around the room and tried to find others who love what we love.  We found a bunch of interesting common denominators in the room including Monopoly, Panic! at the Disco Taylor Swift, Dr. Who, Fast and the Furious,  Now You See Me, Deadpool, Star Wars and others.

30 Circles.
We then tried out designer Bob McKim's 30 Circles exercise.  Two minutes.  Transform thirty circles as many ways as you can.   Here are some of the results.

Oreo Challenge.
We synthesized the thinking from Pop 3's and 30 Circles into our Oreo Challenge: How might we advertise the pop culture we love with an Oreo cookie?   Twenty minutes later we had a whole slew of answers.

Next class you will embark on your first more involved design challenge: How might we build models of our pop culture lineage?  You will have two days in class to complete this.  

When I return from BIF Summit 2016, an innovation conference I'm headed to where I'm hoping to make some connections that will result in more rad things happening in our class this semester, we will discuss the guidelines and expectations of the class and take a look at your lineage projects.   (More on the lineage project will be coming your way on Wednesday.) 

We will also be starting our blogs on Blogger this week.  A great deal to do, not a ton of time to do it, and there will be greatness abounding!  Solid day, everyone!

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