Monday, October 24, 2016

Pop Culture: Film Trailers & Rated R Debate Prep & Blogging


We'll start with this one.  Because I said so.

Resource 1.  9 Short Storytelling Tips.
Fantastic storytelling tips that can be applied well beyond film trailer designing.

Resource 2. The Golden Trailer Awards.
The Awards for Best Film Trailers.   (There are lots. Lots and lots.)

Resource 3.  Trailer Fatigue.
History and Current State of Affairs of Film Trailers.

You'll divide up into teams of 1, 2 or 3 to tackle this work today.  Pick your crew and get to work.

We'll start with the 9 Short Storytelling Tips.  In the space of 10 minutes, do the math for I will be cruising at breakneck keep-it-tight speed, I will give you both a sketchnote and a brief explanation of each tip.

Then!  In your teams, you will get to work looking for examples of those 9 short storytelling tips in either the Golden Trailer Awards nominees and winners OR Trailer or a movie trailer source of  your liking.  Avoid the general YouTube search.  It can be cumbersome.  There's better curated sources out there.

From there will be time for debate prep in your teams: "It should be illegal for children under 17 to see R-rated movies."  (Note that we dropped "in the theater")


Debate Prep:  Wednesday/Thursday we will have our second debate of the quarter.  You will have twenty minutes next class to prep and then it will be game on.

Visit the Blog Tracker in the Pop Culture OUT folder.
Look at the Tabs along the Bottom of the Sheet.
You will find a place to submit your BEST EVIDENCE of Meeting the Writing, Reading, Presentation/Media & Language/MUGS Standards.
This means picking from your blog posts, revising them to be the best they can be, and submitting them.  You can DEFINITELY submit the same blog post as evidence of more than one standard.  
For example, your slideshow depicting your thoughts on music education could be evidence your presentation/media, reading (if you did meaningful research), and Language/MUGS standards all at once.  You just have to put the link under all three standards.    

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