Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AP Lit: Poetry Test Prep & Planning for a Dallowinian Party

You'll start today with some test prep via Abraham Cowley's "My Picture."  I've included the answer sheet so make sure you don't look at the answers until after you've done the practice.  (Unless you want to be THAT person . . . )

IMPORTANT. Put yourself on a 10 minute timer to answer those questions.

Take a few minutes to discuss your results and then turn to the matter of planning for the Dallowinian Party.

Here's what you need to do:

    1. Create a list of guests inspired by the characters of The Hours and Mrs. Dalloway. These should not be straight from the novels. Developing original characters challenges you to apply your knowledge of the source material.
    2. Determine a time period in which you want to set this story. Think about a setting that would add meaning and depth to the event, as well as would be fun to explore.
    3. Determine who will serve as the host.  
    4. Develop those characters and write brief profiles of those characters including such details as name, age, occupation, religion, a short biography as well as a description of their relationship to the host.
    5. Work as a class to build a map, flowchart or family tree of sorts making the extent to which the guests know one another, how they feel about one another, and any history they share.
    6. Collaborate on a list of “interruptions,” plot events or twists that may occur randomly during the party itself.  These might be “reveal a secret,”  “accuse someone of spreading a lie,”  “leave the room and discover a dead body,” or “confess your love.”

Read.  Mrs. Dalloway.  Finish the Book. 
Due. Friday 10.21.16

Blog.  Two Posts.
Critical Creativity Post.  A  Mrs. Dalloway employs color in meaningful, powerful ways.  Perhaps you have noticed this, perhaps  you have not.  (Pay particular attention to flowers, foods, skies, clothing and faces.)

Use Colourlovers.com  to create a custom palette of at least three colors relating to meaning in Mrs. Dalloway.  You will need to name the palette and each color within it.  Be certain to choose purposeful names and push your self to go beyond the concrete.  (Concrete:  "blue sky" because the sky was blue.)
Share your palette on your blog w/ explanations of your choices.

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