Friday, November 18, 2016

AP Lit: Poetry & Empathy & Problem Solving

Gonna keep this one short and to the point because it really outlines the work you need to do between now and next class and then over the Turkey Day break.

I added a reading/analysis piece that I did not mention during class.

We're diving into our first collaborative design challenge:

How might we use poetry to solve a problem at Mt. Blue Campus?

We've got to use our observations of the climate and culture at Mt. Blue to help us in this work, but more importantly we need to get to understand the users of our potential solutions and see what problems they are perceiving.

ASSIGNMENT 1. Empathy Interviews.  (Empathy PhasestInterview at least 3 Mt. Blue Campus students and/or staff.

Record/note answers to these five questions.

1. What day to day problems do you encounter?

2. How might these problems relate to a bigger problem you are seeing?

3.  How do you deal with the problems you encounter?

4. How do others contribute to solving those problems?

5. How do the problems you encounter affect the atmosphere of the school?

DUE. Monday, November 21.

ASSIGNMENT 2.  Sonnet Collection.  Investigate a number sonnets from the collection at

Curate a collection of least three sonnets, spread out across at least three different generations/schools/eras/, that share a common thread.  It may be subject matter.  It may be rhetorical.  It may be the placement or meaning of the volta.   It may be any sort of common thread.

Document your process of identifying and then forming this collection.  You may do so through an audio or video recording, written piece, sketchnote, any method you like, so long as you

a) document your process of curating your collection

b) explain your intentions for including each piece.

ASSIGNMENT 3. Synthesis Essay #2: Sketchnote & Introduction/Thesis Statement.
Just as last quarter, you are writing a multi-draft essay that discusses an observation, argument,  or understanding you have developed from our class readings as well as any other literature, film, music, art, culture, and/or life experience to inform  your argument.

For Monday, November 28, the Monday AFTER Turkey Day, complete a sketchnote that captures your intentions for your synthesis essay.  Think of a this as a visual map or outline of your essay.

THEN, compose a working draft of your introduction and thesis statement and be prepared to workshop these in class.

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