Monday, November 21, 2016

Pop Culture: Film Trailer Design Challenge: Empathy & Experiment Phases

We're getting right into our film trailer design challenge and the ideas are coming fast and furiously . . .

Friday and Monday, empathy interview we conducted empathy interviews for our users: other English classes & Digital Media

From there we jumped into our production teams (Groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 -- 4?! I know, right?) and unpacked our empathy interviews AND started in on experimenting.

The trailers are due for screening the Thursday and Friday immediately following the Thanksgiving break.

Here's the blog post due THIS WEEK.

Film Trailer Production Post.
What is the working title of the film you are producing the trailer for?
What is the name of your production company (the name of your group or your solo effort)?
What is the WHOLE story of your film?  Not just the trailer but the whole story of the film.
Post a storyboard of your trailer AND/OR a rough rapid fire prototype of your trailer.

The ideas I'm hearing sound great. REMEMBER the EMPATHY!  As you are working up your ideas, are you keeping your audience in mind?  Film studios and producers are constantly working to find a balance between artistic visions and audience tastes.  They want to make money and they want to create new ideas.  That's a challenge.  Here's an interview with Sheri Candler, a marketing strategist who makes her living dealing with that balance.

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