Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eng 9: Of Mice & Tiny Houses & Narrative Reflections & Lots of Goings On . . .

I realized that I have not updated the blog for English 9 in far too long!  Ack! Oversight!  Not intentional at all!   (And we know how much I preach intention -- so this is NOT good.)

Since the week before Turkey Break, we have been focused on reading Of Mice and Men.  Two of the three classes have finished the novel, the other is nearly there.

We are reading with a bigger purpose in mind.  We have a design challenge: How might we design tiny houses for the characters of Of Mice and Men

So while we are going to take a look at the conflicts and plot and characters in the novel, we are doing so because need to know about these characters and their needs so we may design for them, just as we designed for our users in the Cardboard Challenge.

MONDAY and TUESDAY this week.
READING.  We started with me reading the end of the book aloud and brief discussions of what happens to Lennie, George and the rest of the crew.  

STATIONS.  Then we broke into a three station rotation.
1. No Red Ink/Quizlet for Roots 6.  Complete the No Red Ink assignment, get familiar with Roots 6.
2. Pre-Writing and Getting Started on Narrative Writing Assessment 2: Lesson of the Cardboard Challenge
3. DISCOVERY Phase for Of Mice & Tiny Houses Design Challenge.   Explore the tiny house resources provided and complete Notice/Wish/Wonder graphic organizers.

Each class ended up in a slightly different spot because, well, every class is different and has different needs.  What follows here is the timeline for when the various work is due so you can use this to manage your time and all of the goings on.

NARRATIVE WRITING ASSESSMENT 2: Lesson of the Cardboard Challenge.
Tell the story of a lesson you learned from completing the Cardboard Challenge. 
See the rubric in Google Drive.
Period 4B/4G. WORKING DRAFT Due Wednesday/Thursday 11.30.16/12.1.16.
Period 2B.  WORKING DRAFT Due Monday 12.5.16

Period 4B/4G.  2nd WORKING DRAFT Due Friday/Monday 12.2.16/12.5.16.
Period 2B.  2nd WORKING DRAFT Due Wednesday 12.7.16.

Period 4B/4G.  1st SUBMISSION DRAFT.  TURN IT IN.  Due Tuesday/Wednesday 12.6.16/12.7.16
Period 2B.  1st SUBMISSION DRAFT.  TURN IT IN.  Due Friday 12.9.16

DISCOVERY Phase Materials of Tiny House Design Challenge.  
COMPLETE.   3 Notice/Wish/Wonder Organizers.  Keep asking yourself: How might we use this knowledge to help design a tiny house for the characters in Of Mice and Men?  Investigate for a purpose.  When you are noticing, when you are wondering, when you are wishing, look for connections to the needs of these characters.

Period 4G.  Due Friday 12.2.16
Period 2B/4B.  Due Monday 12.5.16

Of Mice & Tiny Houses DISCOVERY Resources

Roots 6 Quiz. 
Thursday/Friday 12.8.16/12.9.16

No Red Ink Quiz.
Commonly Confused Words I
Take by Thursday 12.8.16  (Already available.  Take when you are ready.)

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