Monday, November 28, 2016

AP Lit: Writing Workshop, Haiku & Blog Posts for This Week

Today we workshopped intros and thesis statements.  I got a ton out of it.  I hoped you did as well.

I don't have any pics of the work though, because I forgot my phone at home.  I'm doing ok.  Thanks for asking.

Here's the work for Wednesday and most of what's due on Friday.  Be prepared to read a ton of ballads for Friday.  Those are coming soon.  (And prepare this weekend to read some epic poetry of the epics.)

WRITE.  Revised.  Introduction and thesis statement for 2nd Synthesis.  (This is a change up from today's assignment.  I'm soft and crumpled like a wet newspaper in a hurricane.)

READ.  Haiku.

Overview of Haiku from


Haiku of Issa as translated by Robert Haas

Haiku of Basho from a variety of sources.

Haiku of Buson from a variety of sources.

READ.  The haiku inspired works of Matthew Rohrer available at  Read the notes he has provided for his methodology and mindset behind these works.

READ.  Some of the other haiku available at or a  Go hunting.  See what goodness you find.

READ.  What this writer learned by writing haiku.  Think about our work with Meg Willing and what resonates here.

On Wednesday night, expect a collection of ballads to compose.

CRITICAL CREATIVITY BLOG POST.  Compose an original a haiku or ballad.  Consider the three different lenses we learned from Meg Willing:  poet, editor, designer.   Then design the cover for a volume of your poetry based on this one haiku or ballad you created.  

DESIGN THINKING BLOG POST.   EXPERIMENT Phase.  8 Box.  Poetry as Problem Solver Design Challenge.  Put yourself on a 4 minute timer.  Generate 8 ideas for addressing a problem in the school in 4 minutes.  Select one of your ideas.   Get three sticky notes/scraps of paper/index cards.   Storyboard that idea in action.  Put those three panels on a blank piece of paper.  Add context and explanation.  Mark it up.   Take no more than 30 minutes total from start to finish on this entire exercise.

Take a picture of your work.  Post on your blog along with any written or audio/video recording explanations we may need to understand your current ideas.

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