Friday, February 10, 2017

Senior Seminar: Funky Week, Big Questions, Day to Catch Up, and a Survey

It's Friday and you are all taking the health survey as I write this.  I'm super appreciative of how serious you are taking that survey.  The information matters.

Once you finish the survey, I'm going to show you how to update the Senior Seminar Q3 Blog Tracker.  It's easy once you get the hang of it.  Getting the hang of it . . . ehhhhhh . . . a little trickier.

Next week,  you'll be choosing the best evidence from your blog posts for me to assess toward your grades.  Your best example of writing, of reading, of using media (creating/building), of your MUGS (grammar/spelling), and so on.  More on that next Tuesday, as well as how the grading system works in here. It's easy once you get the hang of it.  Getting the hang of it . . . ehhhhh . . . a little trickier.

We'll wrap up with an activity around big questions and "How might We/I's."  For your blog, I'm asking that you make a few list of the following:

LIST 1.  Your interests, hobbies, goals, passions, career goals, possibilities, wants, needs, etc.

For me:  teaching (seriously, I'm an education nerd), comics, comedy, movies, theater, technology, community development, entrepreneurship, marketing, storytelling, building a garage, building furniture

LIST 2.  Some big questions you'd like to be able to answer that relate to those interests, etc.

For me:  How do you write a screenplay?  How do you write a novel?  How do you start your own business?  How do you open a performance space?  What does it take to build a garage?  What does it take to hire someone to build a garage?  How do community organizers do their work?  What does it take to bring new businesses to a region?  Why do you people seem to spend more time looking for ways to save money than they do ways to make money?

LIST 3. Turn some of those questions into possibilities by writing "How might we . . .?" or "How might I . . .?" statements

How might I write a screenplay?
How might we open a performance space in downtown Farmington?
How might we bring new businesses to Franklin county?
How might we turn our schools into economic engines of opportunity for kids and community members alike?

These lists are important because they are going to guide your first inquiry & design challenge that's based on your interests and goals.


UPDATE.  Update the Blog Tracker and your blog.
Due:  Friday, Feb 10th.

BLOG.  Big Questions & How Might We's?
Due: Friday, Feb 10th.

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