Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Senior Seminar: What's We've Done So Far and Where We are Going

What we've done in Senior Seminar so far this semester . . .

We've learned about sketchnotes.

BLOG POST 1.  Who I Am (At the Moment) 

We used our knowledge of sketchnotes to complete a Who Am I (at this moment) graphic organizer and then constructed those ideas in LEGO bricks to represent different ways of expressing the same ideas.  An explanation of these sketchnotes and these LEGO constructs became our 1st required FlipGrid and also our first blog post. 

BLOG POST 2.  Songs of Myself

While I was out of town visiting three other schools in southern California and helping them to do some of the work we are doing here -- and learning how to do some of the work they are doing there -- I asked you folks to look at the music in your lives that represents who you are.  The instructions are in the top

BLOG 3. Myself 10 Years Ago (in Wood)

After looking at ourselves in the present, we started looking at ourselves in the past.  We sketchnoted ourselves 10 years ago for 5 minutes and then had 20 minutes to build a representation of 10 years ago selves out of scrap wood in the theater workshop. We then got on FlipGrid and explained our thinking.   On your blog, explain what you made and why you made it by embedding your FlipGrid and including images of your build.

BLOG 4. Advice to My Self 10 Years Ago

The next post asks you to think about yourself 10 years ago once more and write a one-page letter of advice.  Part of the work included completing a graphic organizer based on reading the first article in this list copied from an email I sent you.   Turn that graphic organizer in to me using a Google Drive folder labeled "[Your Name] Senior Seminar IN"  and making sure you have shared that

Everyone needs to take a look at: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Column

Then, you'll pick two of these to look and check for the extent to which these writers use the advice from that article.  Be careful not to get into whether or not you agree with the writers.  You're looking for style and format, rather than advice for yourself.

And finally, we'll take a look at this piece

BLOG 5.  iEvolution.  Myself 10  Years from Now (in Jenga, LEGO or Action Figures)

For this post, you were challenged to create a stop motion video that shows the evolution from yourself now to yourself 10 years from now.

BLOG 6. Big Questions & How Might I's? 

LIST 1.  Your interests, hobbies, goals, passions, career goals, possibilities, wants, needs, etc.

For me:  teaching (seriously, I'm an education nerd), comics, comedy, movies, theater, technology, community development, entrepreneurship, marketing, storytelling, building a garage, building furniture

LIST 2.  Some big questions you'd like to be able to answer that relate to those interests, etc.

For me:  How do you write a screenplay?  How do you write a novel?  How do you start your own business?  How do you open a performance space?  What does it take to build a garage?  What does it take to hire someone to build a garage?  How do community organizers do their work?  What does it take to bring new businesses to a region?  Why do you people seem to spend more time looking for ways to save money than they do ways to make money?

LIST 3. Turn some of those questions into possibilities by writing "How might we . . .?" or "How might I . . .?" statements

How might I write a screenplay?
How might we open a performance space in downtown Farmington?
How might we bring new businesses to Franklin county?
How might we turn our schools into economic engines of opportunity for kids and community members alike?

These lists are important because they are going to guide your first inquiry & design challenge that's based on your interests and goals.

And where do we go from here?  We get even more focused on your future, we start looking at a our heroic journeys, and you start your first Senior Seminar personal question, answer and prototype project.  

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