Monday, September 16, 2013

Humanities: Game Plans & Routines, Design Thinking & Cardboard Challenges

Today we introduced our weekly & biweekly schedules of how things roll in Humanities, while also spending some time getting reoriented to design thinking & developing our cardboard challenge products.

Our regular Humanities routine looks like this:

  • Monday: LNGView (Local, National, Global) Reading & Blogging
  • Tuesday: Vocabulary (Roots)
  • Wednesday: LNGView Reading & Blogging & MUGS (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling)
  • Thursday: Vocabulary (Roots; Quiz every 2 weeks)
  • Friday: Socratic Seminar & MUGS (quiz every 2 weeks)

This isn't the only stuff we do each day.  You can just expect each of those days to have those things happen AND the bigger stuff we are working on i.e. cardboard challenge.

Folks who were absent got caught up with Mr. Dunbar.  Other challenge teams went to work in room F-215 and did the following:

1. Continue work on prototypes, put together a materials list, plan dimensions and shapes.   (There will be a tool to help us with this on Tuesday.)

2. Meet with Mr. Ryder & review the DEEP Thinking stages from Mary Cantwell.  (Why do I keep saying her name?  Because she's awesome and we should give credit to awesome people for awesome work. You can follow her on Twitter @scitechyedu) 

3. Begin the work of completing the DEEP Thinking Graphic Organizer for Wednesday. 

  • Where are you at with your cardboard challenge?  
  • Which stages have you done work in?  
  • Which stages have you yet to explore?  
  • What's next for your group?
We missed one group.  We'll get them going on Tuesday.

What can you expect on Tuesday? We will start our Roots work (list #1) & it will involve our design kits.  We will give you time to fill out the DEEP graphic organizer for Wednesday and conference with Ryder & Dunbar and continue working on your designs.

Cardboard Challenge: Project must be done Oct 2nd! 
Gather resources!  Bring them in! See the Cardboard Challenge document for stuff we might need.  We have space!  We need all the cardboard you folks can find!

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