Monday, September 16, 2013

PACE: Heroes & Journeys, Rubrics & Standards

Quite a lot to do in the space of a Monday starting with your chosen adventures, Hunger Games and Adventures of Ulysses.
Heroic Journey
We'll start with fast brainstorming sessions around heroic qualities.  Take a look at these tips from IDEO about brainstorming.

You will break into your reading groups and see how well you did with your first reading assignment.  Who is caught up? Who is a little behind?

Your first group task?  Create a reading schedule that takes us to Sept. 30.  Make sure you share it with me.

Your second group task? Complete the first two sections of the I Am Hero Lit Circle Graphic Organizer Week #1 using our brainstorming notes.
Unpacking Standards
From here, we take a minutes to dig into our rubric and unpack the reading standard.  It's important to understand what is asked of you and why.  This may seem like tedious work at first and it should start giving you some ideas for future projects.


Teacher PACE: Finish book by Sept. 30
Student PACE: Your group's next assignment.

Teacher PACE: I Am Hero Graphic organizer #1: Due Friday, Sept 20

Next Class: Meet in Food Court for a Heroic Journey!

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