Monday, September 16, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: Brainstorming & Synthesis Thinking & Mrs. Dalloway-ing

We start today with setting up our blogs.    Blogs -- and soon Google+ -- are going to be vital for folks to share the ideas and continue the conversations that get the short shrift in class.
We should be able to do this rather quickly and start our synthesis work which requires our handy dandy DESIGN KITS! Yay! (Seriously. I'm excited. A lot.)
Synthesis Thinking
We'll look at this post from OpenIDEO to get tips on brainstorming.

Then we'll formulate ideas for our synthesis essays by brainstorming connects between the works we have read and putting that on paper.  After the brainstorm, the workshop turns to construction as each group will build a powerful synthesis thinking thesis statement to serve as a model as you embark on your individual work.  

We will document the snot out of this work and put it here as well for continued referencing.

Synthesis essay rubric, culled from your group work, lands Thursday.  A workshop worthy draft is due that day as well.

This is also our opportunity to raise ideas from Ender's Game that we have not yet had a chance to explore.

Mrs. Dalloway
From there, we dive into Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.  We will discuss stream of consciousness narratives and the challenges they pose both reader and creator.  There's a great article here that discusses the syntax & construction Woolf uses in her narrative.  (Click on "Download PDF" to read the whole thing.)

And we'll start the reading together as a class so we have a shared experience with the narrative.


Blog: 3+ entries (3 effective, meaningful entries = meets; exceeds = 4 OR mindblowing, uber brilliant 3)  for Friday including 1st creative prompt:

Soundtracking a Most Cinematic Moment: Each of our novels thus far has possessed certain cinematic qualities.  Choose a passage from a particularly cinematic moment, post that passage, and link/embed a song that you believe would serve as an effective soundtrack to that moment.  Added challenge? Compose your own original.

Write: Synthesis Essay: Workshop worthy draft due in class on Thursday, 9/19
Read: Mrs. Dalloway up to "T, an O, an F."

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