Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Humanities: Preparing for a Roots Quiz & Diving into the Cardboard Challenge

Today starts with preparing for Roots Quiz #1 by using Quizlet, which we believe really helps.

Remember that in addition to Roots Quiz #1, you have a Word Map OR a roots-based word product due on Thursday as well.  (A roots-based product could be a short story, a poem, a song, a video, most anything that uses 10 roots-based words, such as "antidote" or "antecedent" or "bicameral.") These count THE SAME in the grade book.  Both fall under  the vocabulary standard.

Cardboard Challenge

We have a lot of work to do by next Wednesday.

Here's everything that needs to happen for the Cardboard Challenge.

1. PBL/DT Project Proposal.   The form is in your e-mail AND available at this blog post.  You need approval before we will grant access to materials and tools.

2. Cardboard Challenge.  Build. Make. Create.  Bring resources from home.  (Do not bring knives/box cutters.  We will provide box cutters in class.)  Ask yourself this question: How might we construct a cardboard product without glue or tape?
DUE: Oct. 2nd

3. Cardboard Challenge Research IGNITE.  This is a slide show similar to your autobiography.  It requires you to research a topic related to your particular cardboard project and create a 2 minute, 12 slide presentation about that topic.
DUE: Oct 9th


You have at least three blog posts due this week.  One of them must be your 6 slide autobiography.  The other two (or more) may be about anything related to class.  It may be LoNGview work, it may be documenting your cardboard challenge designs, it may be commentary about how class is going, it may be ideas on what you'd like to research.
DUE: Sept 27

Here's a Schedule of Due Dates

DEEP Thinking Graphic Organizer: Due last week

Cardboard Challenge Project Proposal: Due ASAP

Roots Quiz #1 & Word Map/Product #1: Due Thursday, 9/26

Blog Posts (3+ including 6 slide autobiography presentation): Due Friday, 9/27

Cardboard Challenge: Due Wednesday, Oct 2nd

Cardboard Challenge IGNITE Research Presentation: Due Thursday, October 9th

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