Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PACE: Taking a Step Toward Independent Learning Today

Today I tried an experiment in terms of helping folks meet the vision of PACE described on your sheets the other day.  I'm very curious to see what people thought.  So

I limited my direct instruction to 30 minutes.   (During that time I shared another student I Am Hero project and ran a summary vs. paraphrasing activity.  Remember, summaries say it in much fewer words. Paraphrase say it in your own words, but about the same amount of content.)  

From there, folks had the rest of class to work at their own PACE as I circulated around and added some more information and helped folks out.  

It was a little confusing because I didn't explain the new graphic organizer for Week #2 before hand.  That's something I wish I had done.   

Here's the work and due dates for I Am Hero.


Student PACE: Whatever reading comes next for your group
Teacher PACE: Finish book by 9/30

Graphic Organizers
I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #1
Due Friday 9/20 -- Will Take Up to Wednesday 9/25 & Not Be Late

I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #2 (In the PACE 2013 OUT folder on Google Drive)
Due Monday 9/30

3+ Blog Posts Due Each Week (A Week is Monday to Friday)
1 Post Is Required (It Will Always Be a Creative Post), Others Are Anything You Want to Post Related to Class
Creative Req. Post: Write your own song or poem that tells JUST the story of your protagonist’s call to adventure and/or crossing of the threshold.  It may take any poetic form you like -- it does not need to be an epic poem -- and there isn’t a particular length requirement so long as it fits a poetic form and tells that part of the story. (Note: This is also part of your graphic organizer Week #2 -- it counts for both! That’s one way to look at using your blog. A place to do your work.)
Due Friday 9/27

I Am Hero Project
The rubric is on the blog as well as here.
You should start your planning ASAP.  There will be a proposal form that we complete next Monday 9/30 in class.  I’ll send it along so you can work ahead if you like.

Due Thursday, October 9

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