Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: Better Living Through Poetry Analysis

Today we'll look at the poems you read and chose to annotate for today.

"Goodbyes" by Jillian Weise

We'll discuss the poetic devices on display -- start by doing a little KWL action.  We'll make a shared Google doc.  It will be glorious.

  • What do we KNOW about poetic devices? (List 'em & identify purpose of 'em)
  • What do we WANT to know about poetic devices? (Questions about 'em )
  • What do we need to LEARN about them?  (What don't we know about 'em?)
We'll keep a back channel open today on GoSoapBox.  (Check email for the passcode.  You don't have to register.) That's a thing (back channel) we should pretty much have going all the time.

From there, the class will determine the flow.  Which poems to explore first, what we notice about our process, etc.   Next class we will look even more closely at our processes & do some work with fiction.

** All work goes in your AP Lit 2013 In Folder **

Read: Your self-selected award winning/finalist title from the Booker, National Book Award & Pulitzer in categories of drama, fiction, or poetry from the last 20 years.
Due: Tuesday, Nov 5 & Wed, Nov 6

3+ Posts
Creative Blog Prompt: Remix "J. Alfred."  Added Challenge? Music. Video.  Yeah.
Due: Friday, 10/25

College Essays & Synthesis Essays
Due: Friday, Oct 25 at the latest

Read & Create: Award Winning/Finalist (Formerly called "Indie") Book Project
Due: Tuesday, Nov 5 or Wednesday, Nov 6

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