Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PACE: Solving the Work Problem

On Tuesday we tried to take some action toward solving the "getting the work done" problem and we made some major headway.

We started by thinking about what PACE was like for the first three weeks and then what it has been like for the past three weeks.  We did this in three separate groups.

From there each group worked with a problem solving "contingency strategy" graphic organizer.

Each group identified a key problem in PACE based on the descriptions, then identified what conditions would make that problem worse, and then suggested ways to prevent those conditions from happening.  Even though each group was working independently, the results turned out to be very similar.

Next class we'll use a plot chart to figure out what strategies we should implement first.


3+ Posts
Req Post: Discuss today's work, the problems you see us needing to address, and your thoughts on possible solutions.
Due: Friday, October 25

Complete:  I Am Hero Work (Project & Organizers)
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