Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PACE: Assessing How Our Routines Are Helping & Working Toward Heroes

Today we need to take stock of how well our in-class systems are working.  We need to look at a balance of what we enjoy and feels good, and what helps us best get our work done.

We'll start with a similar survey to the one we used a few classes ago.  (You can find the new one in your e-mail.)  And then we will use the feedback talk about specific courses of action we should take.  

This will lead to time to consult with me, work on graphic organizers, projects, vision statements and more.  It's very important that vision statements are done today so I can plan our next piece of culture building.

After Teacher PACE time, here's what needs to happen before you leave the room today.

Student PACE
1. Work in a group of 1, 2, or 3 people to craft a vision statement about PACE.  Based on the ideas on the shared doc, what do you think PACE should look like this year?  Put your vision on the PACE Vision Thinking doc.

Here's an incomplete example to help your thinking:
PACE is a class where we are productive and use freedom to our advantage.  We pursue our personal interests but also do challenging work.  It's important to us that we have time to do our work in class, and it's important to us that our individual needs are respected.

2.  I Am Hero Project Proposal submitted and a conference with Mr. Ryder.

3. Submit your I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #2 by placing it in your Google Drive PACE 2013 IN box.


I Am Hero Project
I Am Hero Project
Due: Wed, 10/16
I Am Hero Project Proposal
Due: Today, 9/30
I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #3
Due: Mon, 10/7

Q1 Week 2
3+ Posts this week to meet/exceed the standard
Creative Entry Required:

Everyone know the best way to get help on your heroic journey is by posting to Craigslist and advertising in Uncle Henry’s.

Create three advertisements based on your book:  One for a helper, one for an amulet, and one for either an obstructor OR a hero (that last one provides a chance to really play around with point of view).  

Quick example:  Help Wanted: MWM, 36, seeks mortal enemy to challenge him at every turn and push him to excel at everything in life, especially teaching career, family time, and general nerding.  Who wouldn’t want to be his nemesis?  He’s balding, moody and weird.  Strike now!

You can visit or to explore the formatting, the categories, the relative length, and the style used.

Student PACE Suggestions:

  • Work on your I Am Hero Project
  • Bring materials you need to class
  • Keep checking the rubric for standards & requirements
  • Show Mr. Ryder & Miss Murphy your ideas

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