Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PACE: Results of Feedback & Discussion About PACE

Today we talked about what's working and not working for folks in PACE.

A lot of ideas got put on the table and I imagine there are others that folks withheld. I'm hoping you feel you can share them with me in a way that feels comfortable for you.  If I don't know there's a problem, there isn't much I can do to help solve it.

Remember that the 25 means this includes some responses from the other day.
These are imperfect numbers, but I think the trends apply.

These are specific items of feedback posted.  We took these items and looked for patterns, trends within them.

We coded our observations; Blue = Students have control over it; Black = Teach has control over it;
Blue/Black = Shared responsibility
And that hero project from last year is still gorgeous.

From here we decided to talk about the blue/black coded items as there were only two.  Consensus in the room seemed to indicate that the teacher could do a better job explaining homework before setting the expectation and students could do a better job asking for clarification and advocating for needs.

We're going to try an added structural component when we meet next -- which will be a while because of PSATs, digital citizenship day and Mr. Ryder's ACTEM conference presentations.  But when we get back at it, we will start with only twenty minutes of teacher time, followed by ten minutes of figuring out what work zones we should have available, and then moving to those zones that most suit our needs.

Class got cut short because there was a fire alarm.  Everyone got out okay.  It was gorgeous out.

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