Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AP Lit 3G: College Essay Tips & Dallowinian Discussions & Ideas

We'll start class with a few general suggestions about college essays and what I think helps students write effective, meaningful, powerful and relatively succinct pieces that get the desired results.

We'll take five minutes to check out as well and see how that tool can help us.

Then we return to a new Mrs. Dalloway discussion.

Last class focused on plot and then veered into technique and form.   I'd like the class to start with discussing techniques and form Woolf uses, seeking to uncover the how and the why, and then move on to the necessary what and who.  

We will have a new backchannel here for these two days of discussion between the classes.

We would do well to create a list of character types we should be considering now, even having not read The Hours yet.  Five to ten minutes at the end of class should suffice for that.


Write: College Essay Submission draft

Due Friday 10/4

Read: The Hours (optional b/c not enough copies to req.; Mr. Ryder cannot count.)
Will be extremely valuable in understanding Mrs. Dalloway and in creating a great Dallowinian Party event.
Due Tuesday 10/8

Start Planning & Thinking: Dallowinian Party - Character
See Materials & Rubric in Google Drive OUT folder.
Updated rubric coming soon
Due Thursday 10/17

3+ Entries Including the Creative Entry of the Week
Creative Blog: For some writers, a character's attire is little more than an afterthought.   Not so, with our most recent creators.  Both Woolf and Cunningham use clothing and physical appearance to convey meaning in their respective works.

Use Polyvore, or another tool or physical materials, to create a wardrobe collage suitable for a character in either Mrs. Dalloway or The Hours.  You may try to create a historically and textually accurate collection or you may choose instead to select contemporary equivalents.  Explain your selections with regards to conveying meaning, not merely literal interpretations.

Added Challenge:  Use physical wardrobe pieces and photography to do the same.

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