Thursday, November 7, 2013

AP Lit 3G: Feedback, Dolls, Raisins & Andre's Mother

We'll open today by taking out our projects again.

WHAT?!?!  But didn't we just?

Yes.  Here's how it is all going to go down.

1) Display your book projects again for a 2nd gallery walk.  (3 min.)

2) Provide as much as quality FB as possible (I noticed statements & questions) on Post-Its.  Think about the sorting we did last class. (7 min.)

3) Take a moment to see what FB you received on your project this time around. (3 min.)

4) As a class, sort all of the new FB into categories that make sense to you. (5 min.)

5) Now, here's a new wrinkle.  Go sit w/ a piece of paper or laptop and brainstorm qualities of effective FB   (i.e. "specific," "meaningful,") (2 min.)

6) Turn to a partner and share your lists.  (2 min.)

7) Choose three key/vital items to put on Post-Its (one item per sticky) (2 min)

8) Put those 3 items up on the board.  (2 min.)

9) As a class, sort those qualities into a way that makes sense.  Consider the relationship between the different qualities -- what unites them? makes them unique?  (3 - 5 min.)

10) Now, go over to the big huge board of past FB and see if you can find examples from the FB we've given this week that reflect the qualities.

And then we do some acting.

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