Thursday, November 7, 2013

Humanities: Roots Quiz 4, Photo Essays & Of Mice & Men

We'll start with Roots Quiz 4.  Look for it in your e-mail. Word Map #4 due today as well.

From there, we'll arrange the room in similar fashion to what we did in yesterday's class. Those folks who want more T-direction, sit near the T, the further way you sit, the more independently you believe you can work today.

That work will revolve around understanding photo essays, much as yesterday involved getting an understanding of StoryCorps.

Note: What would be great material for a blog post?  Find a photo essay or a story corps story, link to it on your blog and share your thinking/reaction.

Explore the Photo Essays found on the TIME Magazine Website:
Using the same questions as yesterday for continuity:
  • What sort of stories would you want to see?
  • What sorts of stories are you seeing on this site
  • How might you be able to capture these sorts of stories?

Reading aloud (two rooms)Time for the second Three4Thinking (Due Tuesday 11/12).


3+ Posts
Req'd Post:
Find a song that would belong on a soundtrack for Of Mice & Men.  Post the song/embed the video and write a paragraph explaining your thinking.
Be sure to check the blogging rubric in the right hand sidebar; to meet the standard you must now make posts connect to outside information and/or another student's thinking
Due: Friday, November 8

Roots 4 Word Map or Roots Product
Due: Today

Three 4 Thinking #2: Of Mice & Men
Due: Tuesday, November 12

Be Thinking:
Are you thinking about doing a photo essay, story corps?  Do you want to take on the design challenge of making the recording booth? What would your angle be in tackling these questions and ideas? What questions do you have?  

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