Thursday, November 7, 2013

PACE: Beats & Beats & Beats

We'll start today by playing in and seeking what sorts of sweetness we can build in there.

That will take us to an exploration of Beat Making Lab, an amazing program that started at the University of North Carolina and is now doing work around the world to use music as an agent for change and justice.

To demonstrate understanding of the work at Beat Making Lab, we will use the Three 4 Thinking graphic organizer.  The fillable form is available in your PACE 2013 OUT folder  on Google Drive.

From there we will get into our Ohana teams and continue shaping the music unit.  As a group, you will discuss the sorts of work you would like to do, would not like to do, the essential questions you would like to answer, and then bring that thinking back to me.  We'll be using a different format for this conversation than we've used before.

1) Ohana Teams
  • * Discuss the unit so far
  • What you like, what concerns you
  • What else can we/should we do?
2) Send Ohana Rep to Conf. w/ Mr Ryder
* Share thinking
* Collaborate w/ Mr Ryder

3) Mr Ryder goes and revises unit plans to reflect Ohana input

Blogs: 3+ Posts
Req. Blog: Post a link/embed a song that speaks to you TO RIGHT NOW. Write a short explanation of why that song is meaningful and connects to you.
Due: Friday, Nov. 8

Three 4 Thinking: Beat Making Lab
Due: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013

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