Monday, November 11, 2013

AP Lit 3G: Trifles

Today we will begin with "Trifles" and close with a couple of voluntary project shares.

In a first for this class, we will stage a dramatic reading of Susan Glaspill's "Trifles."  As we move through the dialogue, we will storyboard the action as well.  (My hope and dream is that one of our artistically inclined folk will take marker in hand and illustrate for us as we go.)  The intent here is to see the importance of blocking, while also aligning movement to dialogue and such.  (I'm less than articulate at the moment.  I know what I mean. I think.)

And we very well may need to stand up and act to make it all work.

We'll end class with a couple of project shares.  We'll keep sharing as we go through the next several classes. Sharing is completely voluntary.

Lastly, note the new synthesis essay is due for workshopping next week.  Plan wisely.  Start some pre-planning now and document, document, document your process.  You will want it all for your big self-analysis project in the spring.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post:
Write a brief dialogue in which two characters reveal exactly how they feel about a third, not-present character, without ever using the phrasing, "I don't like ... " or "I really appreciate ____" etc.  This is an opportunity to practice showing vs. telling while also gaining perspective on the challenge facing a playwright that doesn't want to bore audiences with exposition.
Due: Friday, November 15

Read & Annotate: Hamlet, 1.1 (Click for Folger edition online; download PDF from them for handwritten markups)
It is an admitted challenge.  Be brave.  We will be reading it all in class as well.
Due: Thurs, November 14

Prethinking & Starting to Write: Synthesis #2
Source material is anything you've read for class by assigment or choice
Workshop Draft Due: Wed., November 20th
Submission Draft Due: Tuesday, November 26th

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