Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Humanities: Roots 5 & Of Mice & Men and More

We'll be starting with Roots 5 and giving folks a chance to get their Word Maps started.

From there we will work on Of Mice & Men, with Mr. Ryder reading a solid chunk and time to  complete Three 4 Thinking #2.

Update: By a solid chunk, he finished the book.  Everyone should be finished by Wednesday.

Then we'll wrap with a chance to do some pre-thinking and planning on our project options.  What would you make? Who might you interview? What questions might you ask?  What pictures might you take?  What evidence might you be able to find?


Finish: OF MICE & MEN.
If you haven't.

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post:
Choose any character from Of Mice & Men and create a photo essay about that character's hopes and dreams for his or her future.  Post or link those images on the blog.  Try to write in the voice of the character.
Due: Friday, Nov 15

Complete: Three 4 Thinking Of Mice & Men #2
Due: Today

Study & Complete: Roots 5
Quiz & Word Map
Due: Thursday, Nov. 21

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