Monday, November 11, 2013

PACE: Music & Poetry Solving Problems as We Solve Our Own

We'll start Tuesday with a look at this.  (If you are looking at this on an iPad, you'll likely see nothing but a jigsaw puzzle piece or some such indicator that there's no Flash available to you.)

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We'll briefly explore these words, who wrote them, what they mean, and what it means for your work this week.  I'm being a little shifty and mysterious because of the lesson itself, but basically we are going to practice in class the work you will be doing on your blogs this week.

After this activity, we have some very important work to complete.  We have to walk out the door with our essential questions established for this unit, a clear sense of project choices that should allow you to answer those questions, and some lists of the steps and stages we'll need to go through in order to accomplish the goal.


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Creative Post: Select a favorite musical artist of yours and create a lyrical remix, an original song made up from the words of that artist's previous words.  This is an opportunity to examine how songwriters craft their work, while at the same time giving you a chance to look at the patterns and repetition, rhyme and figurative language of your favorite music.

Include a brief analysis of your song that explains your thinking, the choices you made and how you believe your song reflects that artist's other work.

Due: Friday, Nov. 15

Three 4 Thinking over Beat Making Lab videos
Due: Today

Be Thinking:
Project Choices & Essay Topics

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