Monday, December 2, 2013

AP Lit 2B & 3B: Hamlet, Hamlet,, Hamlet

Monday: Hamlet.

We will focus on energies on Hamlet. We will open with another little exercise to get us in the headspace and cause a little anxiety in the room.  A little.  Not a lot.  Enough to be productive and useful.

Wednesday will be a big The Swimmer activity.  Emphasis on big.

Friday, we will review design thinking, the process analysis product, and discussing all of the sonnet work you will be doing.  As well as more with Hamlet.  How will we ever fit in all in?  Magic.


Blogs: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  Hamlet Writes a Sonnet
Choose any character from Hamlet and write a sonnet from that character's point of view.  Pay particular attention to which sonnet form you choose.  Be certain to include all elements of that sonnet form within your creation AND to make those choices with deliberate intention.  How can the format and rhyme scheme reflect the character?
Due: Friday, December 6

Sonnet Work:
Read: "The Sonnet" chapter in "How to Read Lit" and annotate. 
Read: you’ve got a pile of poetry to read and it’s gonna be great.  We will be examining the sonnet form and discussing why it endures.  I’ve put three links on Diigo — and highlighted the poems you need to read on the “Sonnet” page.  There are two Shakespearean sonnets you need to read as well,  ”Let Those Who Are in Favour”and “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?”  
Annotate three of the above sonnets.  Your choice.  
Due: Friday, December 6

Review & Annotate:
Cheever's The Swimmer (Check your AP Lit Out)
Due: Wednesday, December 4

Read Hamlet:
Due: Wednesday, December 4

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