Friday, November 8, 2013

Humanities: No Red Ink, Projects, Of Mice & Men & Socratic Seminar

Today in class we started by splitting in two groups.  Those groups got underway with another round of No Red Ink and it's/its.  We'll be taking a quiz on this next Friday, November 15.  You may want to practice on your own.

From there, Mr. Ryder discussed the Story Corps project and what that will involve.  Mr. Dunbar talked about the photo essay project and what that will involve.  We also talked about the building a studio project.  (This will probably be a major design challenge anchor project.)

We came together and Mr. Ryder read nearly all of the next section of Of Mice and Men, beginning on page 66 and ending . . . after that. 

Folks had twenty minutes to work on:

Three 4 Thinking: Of Mice & Men #2
Story Corps/Photo Essay PreThinking/Planning (Good stuff to put on blog)
Word Map #4 (Due yesterday)

We ended with a GoSoapbox experience.  We took a couple of polls and completed our socratic seminar.  To access it again, just enter the access code in your gmail inbox. 

Poll results:


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Post/embed a song that belongs on the soundtrack to Of Mice & Men.  Include a paragraph of explanation.
Due: Friday, November 8

Complete: Three 4 Thinking: Of Mice & Men #2
Due: Tuesday, November 12

Complete: Word Map #4
Past Due: Thursday, November 7

Start Planning/Prethinking: Story Corps or Photo Essay
Due: TBA(probably before Thanksgiving break)

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