Monday, December 2, 2013

Humanities: Projects, Closing Arguments, Blogging and Back to Basics

Hi, folks.  We have a routine in Humanities that can get disrupted sometimes.  We are going to get back on that routine this week.

  • Monday: LoNGview & Project Proposals & Blog Quality
  • Tuesday: Roots Activity & Project/Closing Argument Work & Exit Tickets
  • Wednesday: LoNGview & Project/Closing Argument Work & No Red Ink & Exit Tickets
  • Thursday: Roots 6 Quiz & Product Due & Closing Argument Workshop
  • Friday: No Red Ink & Closing Arguments DUE & Blogs Due
Today, we will start with a LoNGview reading that ties into your work with Of Mice & Men and poverty.
From there you will have to complete a project proposal form for your photo essay or StoryCorps IN CLASS.  It can be found in your inbox. This is due today, in class.

I posted a tutorial to help you with your blogging.


Blog: 3+ Posts this week
Creative Blog Entry: Casting Call.  Select at least two actors/actresses for a new version of Of Mice & Men. Explain your casting decisions by referencing the performers prior roles, embedding images that prove they have the necessary "look," and making an argument that these are the BEST people for the roles.  
Due: Friday, December 6

Complete: Project Proposal Form
Due: Today, Monday, December 2

Study: Roots 6 Quiz & Product
Due: Thursday, December 5

Closing Arguments
Due: Friday, December 6

Photo Essay/StoryCorps
Due: Tuesday, December 10

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